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What Others Are Saying

“I am so happy with Max and Tony from LaBier Tree Experts!! Sometimes life guides you to the right people, and this is one of those times. I purchased a house in December 2018, not realizing how many dead/dangerous trees there were around the property. I had to battle with the town for over 3 years to get them to maintain the trees belonging to them. After I finally pressured the town into removing their trees, it was then my responsibility to find the best person to manage a couple other nuisance trees. After dealing with the town and their tree crew, I was extremely nervous and procrastinated in finding someone. I thought it was going to be unaffordable and yet another huge headache. While I was at the laundromat, I happened across the Labier Brothers’ card and gave them a call.

I immediately felt more at ease after talking to Max. His knowledge, confidence, and kindness made it easy to switch from a worried state-of-mind to eager anticipation of seeing the property transform. When Max came to quote the job, we instantly hit it off. He made me feel more like a friend/family than a customer. When we discussed the cost, I was holding my breath, expecting it to be an arm and a leg. However, Max quoted an unheard-of price making it so affordable that I was finally able to breathe easily for the first time since I realized the condition of the trees on my property.

The day finally came; Max and Tony even came out on a Saturday to make it all happen. The skill was amazing, and in no time, they had the entire tree accurately taken down. They kept the lawn and all the surrounding shrubs intact as they dropped each piece of the tree with expert precision. They even let me help remove some of the brush so I could feel a bit useful in the process. I have about an acre of land, so I told them there was no need to haul the tree trunks out if they wanted to stack them out back. Not only did they stack everything neat and nicely, Tony, also used the excavator to push back a huge area of existing brush and cleared a large space for everything completely out of the way.

I had so much fun while they were here that it felt like I’ve known them forever instead of just some tree crew working on my property. It is an outstanding feeling to have your property look more amazing than you’ve imagined but feel like you’ve made a friend along the way. I will be using this company for any other work that needs to be done here. I will also be sure to invite these guys to every cookout and bonfire I have in the future.

If you ever need tree work done, GO WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I recommend them highly.”

– Rebecca C.

Did You Know Leaning Trees Are Hazardous?

It’s not always possible for homeowners to detect that a tree could fall at any moment. Some signs are subtle and can be easily missed. However, a common warning that a tree might fall soon is if it starts leaning. A lean of more than 15 degrees indicates the tree is no longer stable and at risk of coming down. Neglecting a tree that’s leaning can result in a hazardous scenario if the tree collapses without warning. An abrupt tilt can result from various factors, including root impairment, soil erosion, or structural vulnerabilities. Our team of experts can evaluate the situation, identify the problem, and suggest the most suitable measure to keep your home and your family out of harm’s way.

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