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Hazardous Tree Removal

If trees in your yard are dying due to structural damage or disease, you have hazardous trees. Hazardous trees are a significant threat to the safety and well-being of your family, pets, and property. Not to mention, they become a massive liability if they fall on a neighboring property.

Count on LaBier Bros to handle your hazardous trees. We will assess what the best course of action to take is for your trees in weakened states. Sometimes this will involve removing dead branches. Deadwood branches can break off during even slight winds. Therefore, eliminating these branches is essential so that they do not cause damage to the surrounding properties. Moreover, deadwood trimming prevents pest infestation. Without deadwood branch trimming, pest infestation will further damage and possibly kill the tree.

Hazardous trees cannot be salvaged in many circumstances and must be removed. In these situations, timely tree removal becomes crucial. We have the equipment and the expertise to do the job safely and effectively. Count on LaBier Bros to assess and take care of hazardous trees on your property.