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Tree Service and Removal in Longmeadow MA. Year Round Tree Removal Service, Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning & Stump Grinding

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What Others Are Saying

“These guys did an amazing job at our house. 7 massive pine trees gone and we feel so much safer at home. The job was very tricky with tight spaces and required real professionals to get it done safely. Max and his team got it done without any incidents. Highly recommend LaBier for any tree job. They definitely earned the expert title.”
– Charlie V

“Excellent quality and professional tree service company. They handled a tricky tree removal for me with skill and precision. Would highly recommend!”

Did You Know Our Expertise Revolves Around Safety?

For over a decade, our expertise has revolved around safely removing hazardous trees. Our job is to ensure the homes and families we serve remain free from potential tree risks. Without a doubt, no tree is too close to your home for our tree removal services because our team specializes in tackling trees in even the most confined spaces. We use advanced techniques and specialized equipment to navigate intricate removals with precision and care. Whether it’s a tree nestled between structures, looming over your roof, or entangled within a tight landscape, our expert knowledge allows us to strategize and execute removals without compromising safety or causing damage.

Your safety and property protection are our top priority, and our seasoned team guarantees a seamless process, leaving your surroundings clear and secure after every removal. When you choose LaBier Brothers to remove your hazardous trees, you know that your home and surroundings are in capable hands.

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    We also provide tree service in Hardwick, East LongmeadowWestfield, and West Brookfield.