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Did You Know Construction Can Harm Your Trees?

Construction can harm trees in various ways due to the disruption it causes to the tree’s environment and root system. Here is how construction activities can negatively impact trees:

Damage to roots: Engaging in excavation, digging, or trenching for construction objectives can harm the tree’s intricate root system. These roots are vital in offering the tree stability, nutrients, and water. Disrupting or compressing these roots can undermine the tree’s general well-being and capacity to remain stable.

Compaction to soil: Large construction machinery and heavy equipment can exert significant pressure on the ground surrounding the tree’s root system. This pressure results in soil compaction. Consequently, the spaces within the soil typically holding air and allowing water movement are significantly reduced. The cumulative effect is a diminished availability of oxygen and nutrients for the tree’s roots. Soil compaction can lead to root stress, weakened growth, and a decline in the tree’s vitality. 

Harm to structure: The bustling presence of construction equipment, vehicles, and workers’ activity can directly harm a tree’s trunk and branches. These injuries compromise the tree’s structural integrity. Furthermore, these wounds expose the tree’s inner layers to external pathogens, providing entry points for harmful microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and insects. Once these invaders gain access, they can exploit the compromised areas, causing infections and infestations that further weaken the tree’s health.

To minimize the impact of construction on trees, it’s essential to involve a tree care specialist in the planning process. They can guide how to protect and mitigate potential tree harm during construction activities.

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