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“If you are looking for someone who knows what they are doing, look no further!

I had 3 enormous pines that were covered in vines near my fence, but Max and his crew got them down with no problem. Fence is still standing and the yard looks so much better! I can’t thank them enough!”

– Lisa Bail

Did You Know of the Benefits of Tree Removal in Winter & Early Spring?

new salem ma tree service tree removal

We remove trees all year round. Each tree removal job is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine the optimal time for removal. Of course, the homeowner’s timeframe preference takes precedence and hazardous trees are removed as soon as possible to ensure the safety of our clients. However, if you are considering having some tree work done and are not under time constraints, you may consider removing trees in the winter or early spring.

A few benefits of winter and early spring tree removal include increased access and disease control. Trees that have shed their leaves allow for clearer overall visibility to plan the removal process accordingly. Furthermore, the hard, frozen ground provides superior access for equipment to maneuver. Additionally, since tree disease, pests, and fungus, are more active during the warmer months, there is less risk of spreading disease to healthy trees when removing a tree infected with one of the three.

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