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What Others Are Saying

“If you are looking for someone who knows what they are doing, look no further! I had 3 enormous pines that were covered in vines near my fence, but Max and his crew got them down with no problem. Fence is still standing and the yard looks so much better! I can’t thank them enough!”

– Lisa Bail

“We had LaBier Brothers take down 2 very large and very old white pines that were too close to our house for comfort. Maxwell and his crew did a great job for a great price. I would highly recommend LaBier Brothers to anyone that needs tree work. They arrived when they said they would, and did what they said they would.”

– Paul S.

Spotlight on New England Trees: Red Spruce (Picea Rubens)

Red Spruce trees grow at New England’s higher elevations, such as New Hampshire’s White Mountains and Vermont’s Green Mountains, because they thrive in mountainous, cool, moist climates. Western Massachusetts is home to some of these trees, which reside in isolated populations. Red Spruce has played a significant role in New England’s economy, as together with Balsam Fir, it is the dominant tree used for lumber and pulp. The wood is prized for its strength and straight grain, making it valuable for various applications.

However, like other New England tree species, Red Spruce faces threats from habitat fragmentation, climate change, and invasive pests. Climate change, in particular, poses challenges to Red Spruce forests, as warmer temperatures and changing precipitation patterns can affect their vitality. Luckily, conservation efforts, including initiatives to restore degraded habitat, are underway.

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