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Three Reasons Why Professional Tree Care Before Winter Is Crucial

As New Englanders, we are no strangers to harsh winter weather. Significant snowfall, freezing rain, and ice accumulation can burden tree branches significantly. Weak branches and struggling trees become even more hazardous as winter weather approaches. Here are three reasons why professional tree care before winter is crucial in our area:

Protection for Your Family & Home

Hazardous trees should be removed before winter weather sets in. While a hazardous tree is a danger in and of itself, the added stress of winter weather makes it even more dangerous. Hazardous trees can cause damage to property, including homes, vehicles, and fences. During winter, the added weight of snow and ice can further stress weak trees, increasing the likelihood of damage. Removing these trees minimizes the risk of costly repairs and insurance claims.

Less Power Outages

Trees near power lines often contribute to widespread power outages during winter months. This scenario occurs when the weight of accumulated ice coats branches, causing them to snap and fall onto power lines. The result? Disrupted electricity supply that has a ripple effect throughout communities, causing inconvenience, discomfort, and potential safety hazards.

Improved Tree Health

Trees are living organisms, and like any living thing, they require care to thrive, especially as they face the challenges of winter. Pruning is like giving a tree a haircut. Removing dead or diseased branches eliminates points of weakness that are often the first to succumb to winter weather. Pruning strengthens the tree’s structure, which preserves its overall integrity. Moreover, it is also advisable to fertilize trees before winter. Fertilizing provides necessary nutrients, ensuring that a tree enters the winter season in optimal condition. By fortifying them in advance, you’re helping trees build up reserves, making them more resilient to the challenges of winter.

Prioritizing tree care before the New England winter arrives is a proactive step with multiple benefits. It means healthier, hardier trees and a safer environment for your loved ones and property. Winter is right around the corner, and taking care of your trees now is the key to a safer season. Our expert tree care ensures your trees are in top-notch condition, ready to withstand the winter’s challenges. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us today to let LaBier Bros take care of your trees so that you can enjoy a worry-free winter.