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“It was a great experience working with Max. My tree was terribly overgrown on the inside as well as branches heading towards the house, cable and electrical wires. I didn’t want to call the utility company because all they do is cut a chunk of the tree out. Max spent all day up in the tree clearing it out and trimming back branches. My tree has never looked so good. Max is a extremely hard worker, what he told me he was going to do was spot on what needed to be done. His pricing is very reasonable. I would highly recommend LaBier Brothers Tree Experts, I already passed on his number to some relatives. He would be the first person I would call if I need anymore work done.

– Charlie V

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Tree stumps are a magnet for various pests, including termites, ants, and fungi. These pests are drawn to decaying wood, and the presence of a stump provides them with an accessible and abundant food source.

Termites possess a distinctive capability to decompose cellulose, a compound found in wood. Stumps become attractive hubs for termites due to their rich cellulose content, serving as an accessible and plentiful food source for these insects. Once termites establish themselves within a stump, they can swiftly expand their reach to adjacent structures, including homes in search of additional cellulose supplies. The unchecked progression of such infestations could potentially result in noteworthy structural deterioration.

Ants are also attracted to decaying wood and the nutrients it provides. They may establish nests in and around tree stumps, and some species can cause problems by spreading further into the surrounding landscape. Certain ants can also contribute to the spread of honeydew-producing insects like aphids, which can harm nearby plants.

As stumps decay, they foster a damp and advantageous habitat for diverse strains of fungi. These fungi can generate spores transported by wind. For this reason, they spread to nearby healthy plants and cause harm.

Property owners can significantly reduce the risk of attracting and harboring these pests by removing tree stumps. Stump removal eliminates the decaying wood that serves as a breeding ground and food source for pests. This action helps create an environment less conducive to pest infestations, protecting the immediate surroundings, the broader landscape, and even the buildings on the property.

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