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4 Strategies to Protect Your Trees in the Winter

As the chill of winter in New England looms over us, the impending cold temperatures and heavy snowfall pose significant threats to the well-being of our trees. However, a few preparations can mitigate the potential damage these harsh conditions can inflict. Here are some strategies to protect your trees in the winter:

Apply Mulch

Mulching trees before winter provides many benefits for their resilience during the cold season. This protective layer of mulch acts as an insulating barrier. It regulates soil temperature by retaining warmth and preventing rapid freezing and thawing cycles that can stress tree roots. Moreover, it helps conserve soil moisture. Moisture conservation is critical in winter when trees struggle to access water due to frozen ground. 

Provide Hydration

Ensuring trees are adequately hydrated before winter is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, proper hydration helps trees fortify themselves against the dehydrating effects of winter. Additionally, hydrated trees are more resilient to potential damage from snow load or ice accumulation on branches because water stored within the tree cells acts as a natural insulator. While hydration is necessary, avoid overwatering. Waterlogging could potentially harm the tree’s root system and overall health.

Remove Snow

Since the weight of snow can put too much pressure on branches, it’s essential to remove accumulated snow from trees periodically throughout winter. Clearing snow from tree branches prevents breakage and reduces the risk of branches snapping unexpectedly, posing safety hazards to property and individuals beneath. Regularly removing snow from tree limbs using gentle methods, such as brushing or shaking, can preserve the tree’s structural integrity and safeguard its health.

Protect Young Trees

Wrapping young and vulnerable trees with tree wraps or burlap protects against the harsh elements of winter. This proactive measure acts as a barrier against external factors. Also, it safeguards against sunscald, a condition where sudden winter temperature fluctuations can cause the bark to crack. Insulation maintains a more stable temperature around the tree, keeping young trees healthy during winter.

Don’t let the chilly season stress your trees out. Our expert team is geared up and ready to tackle all your winter tree care needs! From pruning to snow load management, we ensure your trees stay healthy, safe, and beautiful all season. Contact us today for winter tree service that goes above and beyond.