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Top Signs of Tree Death to Watch Out For

A dead tree is a hazardous tree. Due to a lack of nutrition and water retention, these trees become weak and will fall quickly. Dead trees become especially dangerous during high winds or New England winter weather. Here are four telltale warning signs you can be on the lookout for to protect your property:

Disease & Pest Infestation

Pests and diseases, including fungi, are far more likely to be attracted to dead or dying trees. Pests, such as termites, prefer dead trees because the bark is easier to chew. Pests can infiltrate a rotting tree far easier than a healthy, robust tree. Fungi love to grow on dying trees too. Check the base of the trunk and tree branches for signs of mushrooms or conks.

Lack of Foliage

Lack of foliage is one of the more obvious signs that a tree is in trouble. Look for leaves that are dead and dry. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in autumn and re-grow new ones in spring. However, if a deciduous tree dies, there will be an apparent leaf absence come spring. 

Brittle Bark

A lesser-known but telltale sign of a dead tree is brittle bark. Insider tip: try to scratch the bark of your tree. If there is no moist layer underneath, this indicates that the tree is dead.


Has your tree started to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa? It’s on its way out. While some tree companies may give you the option of tree cabling, this won’t save the tree. Only healthy trees that have naturally grown at an angle should be cabled. When a once straight tree leans over, it’s already fatally injured. Therefore, it’s best to have tree removal services immediately.

Damaged Roots

Roots enable a tree to nourish itself. When the root system is harmed, a tree has difficulty surviving. Construction, landscaping, or removal of roots that interfere with sidewalks and driveways are the leading causes of damaged root systems. If you suspect root damage, it’s best to have the experts check your tree’s health and strength to ensure it won’t come down the next time our area experiences high winds.

Dead trees have lost their structural integrity and must be removed from your property before they fall and potentially harm your home or the people and pets living there. If you notice any of these four signs of a dead tree, call LaBier Bros immediately. We provide hazardous tree removal to protect your family and property from disaster.