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“It was a great experience working with Max. My tree was terribly overgrown on the inside as well as branches heading towards the house, cable and electrical wires. I didn’t want to call the utility company because all they do is cut a chunk of the tree out. Max spent all day up in the tree clearing it out and trimming back branches. My tree has never looked so good. Max is a extremely hard worker, what he told me he was going to do was spot on what needed to be done. His pricing is very reasonable. I would highly recommend LaBier Brothers Tree Experts, I already passed on his number to some relatives. He would be the first person I would call if I need anymore work done.

– Charlie V

Did You Know We Provide Tree Removal Service Year-Round?

Ware MA Tree Service

We work hard all winter, removing hazardous trees to keep you and your community safe. Winter poses an extra threat to trees because of snow and ice buildup. It is common to see over 50 inches of snowfall in our area over a season. This snowfall can accumulate into a hefty weight for even the strongest tree limbs to bear. For trees that have already faced disease, infestation, or rot, snow accumulation can mean a downed tree for you. 

While winter is a great time to have tree removal work done, it is the worst time to have a tree fall unexpectedly. While there is never a good time for a tree to come down suddenly, winter poses additional threats because of the weather. Trees that come down on power lines mean no lights during the darkest time of the year and no heat during the coldest. 

There are benefits of having your trees removed in the winter. First, there’s less damage to your landscape. The ground is harder in the winter, and your grass is in its dormant stage. Therefore, the lawn is far less susceptible to damage from equipment used during tree removal. Furthermore, since flowers and annuals won’t bloom during the cold winter months, there’s no risk of harm to the garden.

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