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“By far the cheapest quote I got, and couldn’t be more satisfied with the service I got. They took down a huge pine that was between two fences and placed it perfectly with no damage to either fence. Fast, precise, affordable! Don’t get overcharged, call these guys.”

– Chris Pulchtopek

Did You Know Removing Dead Trees Is Important for Your Yard and Home?

Warren MA Tree Service

A dead tree is hugely vulnerable to pests and disease infestation. Wood-boring insects, such as carpenter ants, will seek out the tree and set up shop in it. If this tree is close to your home, these ants might further take up residency there and damage your house.

Furthermore, tree disease can quickly spread from a tree to nearby trees. Unfortunately, one dead tree can threaten all the surrounding healthy trees on your property. Mildew and various molds are especially contagious to other trees as the spores easily travel. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of all your trees to ensure the removal of the dead ones. 

Curb appeal adds significantly to the value of your home. Therefore, you want your yard’s aesthetic to be as impressive as possible. Dead trees make this virtually impossible because rather than vibrancy, they showcase peeling bark on the trunk, a sparse tree canopy lacking leaves, and unsightly rot and fungus. Removing these dead trees will significantly increase your home’s curb appeal and, thus, its value.

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