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“Max and his crew did an amazing job removing several very large and difficult pines from my property. They were prompt, thorough and left the site clean and clear of all debris. Absolutely 100% impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of the work completed. I highly recommend LaBier Brothers Tree Experts to anyone looking for quality tree service from a truly great family owned and operated business.”

– Lisa Bail

Spotlight on New England Trees: American Elm (Ulmus Americana)

American Elm trees have a rich history in New England. They were once prominent features along streets and in parks. They have graceful arching branches and large leaves that turn golden yellow in the fall. In addition to their beauty, American Elm trees provide essential habitats for wildlife, including birds, squirrels, and insects. Unfortunately, Dutch Elm disease has dramatically reduced elm populations across the region.

If you are lucky enough to have these gorgeous trees on your property, keep a close eye on them for signs of Dutch Elm disease, such as wilting brown leaves and branch dieback. You can also consider preventative treatments to protect your American Elm trees from Dutch Elm disease. Such treatments involve injecting the tree with fungicides to prevent infection by elm bark beetles, the primary carriers of this disease.

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