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4 Key Components of Our Hazardous Tree Removal Safety Protocol

Hazardous tree removal demands more than expertise—it requires a commitment to safety. Tree removal safety protects lives, properties, and the environment throughout the process, ensuring a secure and successful outcome. The well-being of our team and your property is our top priority. For this reason, we have strict safety measures. Here is a glimpse into our hazardous tree removal safety protocol.


Our team thoroughly assesses the tree and surrounding area for potential hazards. Such hazards include unstable branches, electrical wires, and nearby structures. After this assessment, we develop a detailed strategic plan for safe removal, considering tree size, lean, and stability factors.

Protective Equipment

Our team knows the importance of personal protective equipment and adheres to wearing it. Such protection includes helmets that shield against falling debris, safeguarding the head from potential impact. Further, our team utilizes eye protection that prevents injuries caused by wood chips, sawdust, or flying debris. Additionally, we use gloves to shield our hands from cuts and splinters while handling sharp tools and branches. 

Secure Work Area

Before our team swings into action, our team diligently establishes a clearly defined work zone around the hazardous tree. This crucial measure prevents unauthorized access and keeps bystanders at a safe distance. By creating this secure perimeter, we mitigate potential risks and provide a safe environment for our skilled professionals to carry out their tasks efficiently. 


Employing advanced rigging and lowering techniques is a cornerstone of our safe tree removal process. Our skilled team meticulously guides the tree’s descent through our strategic use of ropes, pulleys, and specialized cranes. Undoubtedly, we exercise precise control, ensuring the tree falls in a predetermined direction without threatening surrounding structures.

Our team at LaBier Brothers follows these safety protocols and more for every hazardous tree we remove. Why? Because it’s more than just removing trees; it’s about ensuring safety, preventing damage, and delivering the most efficient process. Trust our hazardous tree removal safety protocol to keep your property and our crew safe. Contact us today!